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Attorney General Miyares Praises D.C. Mayor's New Proposals to Fight Violent Crime 

RICHMOND, VA – Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares today expressed support for Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's new proposals to help D.C. start to address the City's violent crime problem, joining The Washington Post Editorial Board in applauding the solutions. 

"Two months ago, I wrote to the D.C. Mayor and Council asking them to take their crime problem more seriously. These recent proposals from Mayor Bowser are a positive step forward,” said Attorney General Miyares. "Policies like stiffening penalties for illegal gun possession, rebuttable presumption against bond for those who commit a violent felony, and giving judges more discretion to keep violent criminals behind bars are policies that will significantly improve public safety. In fact, these policies mirror Virginia's criminal justice and public safety laws prior to 2020. These policies target violent, repeat offenders who have high recidivism rates, which ultimately make our communities more safe. I hope the D.C. City Council quickly passes these reforms.”

Following the brutal murder of a Virginia resident in Washington D.C., Attorney General Miyares sent a letter on April 6th to D.C. leadership asking them to address their crime crisis. Miyares is pleased that most of the Mayor's proposal mirrors Virginia criminal justice and public safety laws prior to 2020. Because of the proximity of Washington, D.C. to Virginia, the city's crime problem is Virginia's crime problem and endangers the thousands of northern Virginians who live in the Commonwealth or travel into the District daily.