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Virginia Receives Initial Payment of $67.4 Million from Johnson & Johnson Settlement

~This initial payment  is part of the approximately $99.3 million the Commonwealth will receive over nine years from Johnson & Johnson~

RICHMOND, VA – Attorney General Miyares is thrilled to announce that the Commonwealth has received its first initial payment from the opioid manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The initial payment of $67.4 million includes approximately $11.3 million for the state, $16.3 million for Virginia's localities, and $39.8 million for the Opioid Abatement Authority.  

"I'm thrilled that the money from these record-breaking settlements is on its way. My consumer protection section worked tirelessly to ensure that Virginians received the most funding possible and received it as quickly as possible. This helps the Commonwealth and individual localities fight back against the opioid epidemic and reduce, prevent, and treat addiction,” said Attorney General Miyares. 

This opioid settlement also requires Johnson & Johnson to stop selling opioids in the United States, prevents them from promoting opioids or funding third parties that promote opioids, and prevents them from lobbying on legislation, regulations, or  activities related to opioids. 

Virginia has previously received payments from a separate settlement with opioid distributors Cardinal Health, McKesson, and AmericsourceBergen. To date, Virginia has received approximately $108.3 million from the Distributors and the Johnson & Johnson settlements. 

The total payouts for both settlements will be approximately $532.9 million. 

The below spreadsheet details the total amount the state, the Authority, and each locality will receive from: 

  • First Johnson & Johnson payment
  • First and Second distributor payments
  • Total from Johnson & Johnson 
  • Total from Distributors
  • Total from both settlements
  • Total withheld for the Deficiency Fund (which may be used to pay the localities' attorneys fees if a national attorneys' fees fund is insufficient or otherwise) will be distributed to the localities

Read the spreadsheet HERE