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Localities Set to Receive First Payments from $26 Billion Opioid Distributor Settlement

~Virginia localities are set to receive $4,066,309.18 as their first installment of funds of Virginia's $530 million from the settlement~

RICHMOND, VA – Attorney General Miyares is pleased to announce today that the first payments from the settlement with opioid distributors McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Cardinal Health are actively making their way to Virginia's localities. The majority of Virginia's localities should receive their payments today.

Virginia is set to receive $15 million from this initial payment, and the Opioid Abatement Authority will receive $9,939,866.90. Virginia's 133 localities will receive $4,066,309.18 as their share of the first payment from the distributors. If you are interested in knowing the percentage share of each individual locality, that information can be found HERE.

"I'm thrilled to announce that after a long period of waiting, the payments to Virginia's Opioid Abatement Authority and to Virginia's localities under this landmark settlement are on the way. Now, Virginia communities will be able to take actionable steps to fight back against the opioid epidemic, knowing that more help is on the way,” said Attorney General Miyares.

Senator Todd Pillion, Chairman of the Opioid Abatement Authority, said that "The opioid settlement represents the largest investment in local government in Virginia history and we are excited that these funds are now becoming available for localities to implement a bold strategy to remediate and abate the opioid epidemic in the Commonwealth.”

This payment comes after Attorney General Miyares announced a $4.2 billion national settlement with opioid distributor Teva and a $2.37 billion national settlement with Allergan earlier this week.