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RICHMOND, VA- Attorney General Miyares today issued the following statement on the General Assembly's adjournment Sine Die and intention to call a Special Session to conclude business on the biennial budget.

"I'd like to congratulate the members and staff of the General Assembly on a successful 2022 session. I was delighted to see many friends and colleagues return to Mr. Jefferson's Capitol to conduct the people's business. Over the past three months, my staff worked in a bi-cameral and bi-partisan fashion to ensure we delivered on promises made. The oldest continually operating legislative body in the Western Hemisphere continues to be an example of our American Experiment working for Virginians, and I'm proud of what we accomplished," said Attorney General Miyares. 

"My office laid out several legislative priorities at the beginning of session- bills, ideas, and concepts that I believe are critical to help get Virginia back on track and keep out communities safe. I'm thrilled legislation has passed and is heading to Governor Younkin's desk that will us fight human trafficking, afford greater protections to the elderly, provide accountability to our Parole Board, and ensure our children are safe in school. Additionally, I am delighted that Virginia has led the way in providing parents the opportunity to ensure their children attend public schools without the requirement to wear a mask." 

Miyares' Legislative Priorities:

  • SB 5 / HB 1303 - Makes Parole Board member votes public record and subject to FOIA
  • SB 36 / HB 4 - Reverses legislation that banned mandatory reporting of sexual assaults at school and other crimes to law enforcement
  • SB 124 / HB 497 - Increases penalty for those who financially exploit vulnerable and elderly Virginians by misusing power of attorney
  • SB 687 / HB 496 - Gives greater protections to the most vulnerable in our society 
  • SB 467 / HB 283 - Requires human trafficking training for Law-Enforcement Personnel 
  • SB 614 / HB 756 - Requires notice to Commonwealth's Attorney if person accused of violent crime is released on bail

"As the House and Senate conferees prepare to continue their deliberations over the biennial budget, I'd like to thank them for considering additional support for the Office of the Attorney General. I am hopeful that resources proposed in the House and Senate will be maintained in the final conference report to address the significant increase in the Court of Appeals cases handled by the Office. Also included in both budget proposals is funding to re-establish a satellite office in Hampton Roads, which will allow the Office to provide constituent services more effectively in the second largest metropolitan area in the state. I am also optimistic about the prospect of significant pay increases for all of our hardworking state employees, teachers, and law enforcement personnel in the final conference report. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees, particularly Chairman Knight and Chairwoman Howell, for all of their hardwork this session." 

"Unlike the dysfunctional system in Washington, D.C., I am grateful for the bi-partisan and bi-cameral work that continues to take place in Virginia and look forward to continuing to work together to make our Commonwealth the best state in the country to live, work, and raise a family."