Jason S. Miyares
Attorney General of Virginia

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2018 Official Opinions

Official opinions will be posted as they are issued, generally within 24 to 48 hours. Please check this page at regular intervals to determine whether additional opinions have been issued.


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18-007 Honorable Joseph W. Milam Jr. and the Honorable James J. Reynolds, Judges of the Circuit Court for the City of Danville

Courts do not have the discretion under § 19.2-354(C) to allow credit toward fines and costs for community service work performed by a person confined in a state or local correctional facility, including state detention centers and state diversion centers.


18-040 Honorable David J. Toscano, Minority Leader, House of Delegates Employees of a public service corporation organized under § 13.1 and owned by local government entities, such as JAUNT, Inc., are not eligible for participation in a state health benefits program authorized by § 2.2-1204.