Jason S. Miyares
Attorney General of Virginia

Lemon Law

Virginia has a "Lemon Law." It is called the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act.
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This law establishes a "lemon law” rights period ending 18 months after the date of the vehicle's original delivery to the consumer. The provisions of Virginia's "Lemon Law” are enforceable by private action brought by the consumer, not by a governmental agency.

Under certain conditions, the "Lemon Law” may apply to used vehicles. The Virginia Supreme Court case that dealt with application of the "Lemon Law” to a used vehicle is Subaru of America, Inc. v. Peters, 256 Va. 43, 500 S.E.2d 803 (1998)

Where to File a Complaint


For further assistance call our Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-552-9963 if calling from Virginia, or (804) 786-2042 if calling from the Richmond area or from outside Virginia. Our business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.