Jason S. Miyares
Attorney General of Virginia

Internet Safety Tips - Kids

  1. Set up privacy controls. Restrict your social media profiles so they can only be seen by people you know in real life.
  2. Guard personal information. Don’t give out your address or date of birth.
  3. Pause before you post. Make sure you only share PG-rated photos. Be very careful about what you put out there because once it’s public, you can never take it back.
  4. Do not engage in risky behaviors online. This includes visiting X-rated sites, talking about sex, and interacting with online strangers.
  5. Do not meet with strangers. Never agree to meet someone in person whom you’ve met online. If an online contact insists on a face-to-face meeting, notify a trusted adult immediately.
  6. Tell bullies to stop. If someone is threatening you, sending obscene jokes or images altered to embarrass you, or even trying to get other people to harm you, you are being bullied. Block the bully from reaching you and tell a trusted adult.
  7. Report problems. If you receive a mean, threatening, or sexual message, tell a parent, counselor, or law enforcement officer. Never retaliate or be a cyber bully yourself.

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