Jason S. Miyares
Attorney General of Virginia

Human Trafficking Leadership

Tanya Gould - Director of Anti-Human Trafficking

Photo of Tanya Gould wearing blue suite
Tanya Gould is an activist fighting against human trafficking, striving to impact legislative policy and raise public awareness. She currently holds her second term and is co-chair on the U.S. Advisory Council on Human trafficking. This year Tanya received the Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking in Persons. She also serves on the Governor’s Commission on Human Trafficking Prevention and Survivor Support. Tanya has given lectures at universities, local schools, and churches raising awareness in Hampton Road and across the United States. She has served as a consultant to various anti human trafficking organizations, as well as DOJ’s Office for Victims of Crime, DHS’ Blue Campaign, and DOS’ TIP office. She also serves on boards and organizations such as Polaris, Beloved Haven and Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum Taskforce on Human Trafficking. Tanya Gould shares her story of being trafficked as part of her advocacy and gives credit to Survivors, family and friends of her community who has helped her in achieving her goals.