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Gangs in Virginia:  Resources and Information for Citizens of the Commonwealth

The Big Lie - Gangs


Gangs Big Lie - Mentor Video VignetteIn addition to exposing the lies gang members tell to kids, ‘The Big Lie’ educates kids about how to find positive activities and role models in their lives.  Gang members, and especially recruiters, portray themselves as positive influences to kids, however, as seen in previous sections- it is all a lie.  By explaining to kids that real mentors provide positive encouragement, support, leadership, and someone to be there for them, the video helps steer kids in the right direction.  The video explains that positive mentors are everywhere.  Teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, pastors, family members, and parents are not only possible mentors, but are a good resource to help kids find a mentor.  While mentors may not be actively recruiting, as gang members do, they are around- in every neighborhood, in every school, in every community- and truly can be a positive influence in a kid’s life. 

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