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Gangs in Virginia:  Resources and Information for Citizens of the Commonwealth

The Big Lie - Gangs


Gangs Big Lie - Protection Video VignetteThe idea of protection is a selling point for gang recruiters.  They promise kids safety and security, however, this too is a lie.  In this vignette, several inactive gang members explain where the so-called protection they were promised, and that they sold to others, failed and ultimately caused them pain, and in one instance paralysis.  The gang, not only, fails to follow through on their promise of protection, but just being in a gang puts kids in danger.  Whether it is jail, the hospital, or even death, being in a gang increases the likelihood of ending up in one of those places.  The nature of gangs, and the activities associated with them, is one of violence and risk, which is the exact opposite of the ‘protection’ gang recruiters promise.

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