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Gangs in Virginia:  Resources and Information for Citizens of the Commonwealth

The Big Lie Gangs


Gangs Big Lie - Glorify Video VignetteGang recruiters use the idea of ‘glory’ as a selling point to kids.  They convince kids that by joining a gang they are going to get rich, have all kinds of fun, and go somewhere in life.  In reality, gang members lead a sad, violent life and typically remain in the same neighborhood, on the same street corner, making the same about of money they did at the onset.  Our entertainment industry frequently glorifies the gang lifestyle as constant partying, and as an easy way to make money; however, it is all a lie.  As several inactive gang members will tell you, the supposed ‘money’ isn’t there and only goes to the top members in the gang.  Even an ‘OG’ (long time member / leader of the gang), frankly admits to the audience that he has none of the spoils he once believed gang life would provide.   

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