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Gangs in Virginia:  Resources and Information for Citizens of the Commonwealth

Gangs The Big Lie


Gangs Big Lie - Family Video VignetteAs seen in the first gang video, ‘The Wrong Family,’ gang members again tell the audience the reason they joined a gang was because they were looking for a sense of family.  They were looking for a replacement for the attention they were missing at home.  Gang members seek out new recruits who are missing key elements in their home life and prey upon those vulnerabilities to make their gang and themselves seem nurturing and supportive.  In this segment, you hear inactive gang members relate their realizations about being ‘used’ by their gangs and ultimately being ‘dispensable.’  One gang member even tells about learning the hard lesson that ‘no one rides for free,’ eventually the lie and the façade wear off, and kids will be required to do something negative (like hurting someone or committing some other crime) to benefit the gang.  This serves as a form of payback for the false sense of family they receive and shows their allegiance to the gang.  Ultimately, kids should remember family should never hurt or endanger them.  Instead, family (whether actual relatives or simply people who genuinely care) should provide positive love, encouragement, and support.

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