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Gangs in Virginia:  Resources and Information for Citizens of the Commonwealth

Gangs in Virginia: The Big Lie


Gangs Big Lie - Influence Video VignetteIn this segment, inactive gang members from across Virginia explain how they use their influence to manipulate kids into joining gangs.  Gang members explain, “kids are easy to influence,” and breakdown how recruiters play on kids’ imperfect home life, or naivety, in an effort to deceive them.  Gang recruiters convince kids that gangs possess positive attributes.  However, it is all a lie!  Gangs are not about friendship, community, or promoting positive behaviors.  They are about violence, trouble, and breaking the law.  Gang members will use charisma, charm, and their influence to hide their real intentions and purpose.  Unfortunately, it is often too late before kids realize they were deceived and they become stuck in the gang lifestyle. 

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