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Attorney General of Virginia

Conviction Integrity Unit

The Conviction Integrity Unit (the “CIU”) evaluates and investigates claims of innocence to determine whether there is new evidence that the convicted applicant was not the person who committed the offense.

Read the press release about the Unit.


The CIU will only accept cases for review where the following apply:

  1. You must have been convicted or adjudicated delinquent in the Commonwealth of Virginia of a felony.
  2. You must present a plausible claim of innocence (you did not commit or participate in the crime charged).
  3. The claim must be supported by information or evidence not previously litigated before the original trier of fact (jury or judge).
  4. The claim must be capable of being investigated and resolved, and if substantiated, would bear directly on the issue of innocence.
  5. The direct appeal has become final, or the time for seeking a direct appeal has expired.




Claims must be brought to the CIU’s attention by completing the application and submitting it to the CIU through the U.S. Mail.  The CIU WILL NOT consider claims presented through telephone calls or emails.

Complete the application in its entirety to request review of a qualified conviction.  If the application is not complete (i.e., missing required initials or signatures), it will be returned.  Be sure to include copies of any documents that support your claims.  Do not send original documents or your only copy of any documents.  

Claims must be submitted by mail to:

Office of the Attorney General of Virginia
Attn: Conviction Integrity Unit
202 North Ninth Street
Richmond, VA  23219