Jason S. Miyares
Attorney General of Virginia

The Office of the Attorney General is seeking a qualified Forensic Accountant Specialist to join the Tobacco Enforcement Section of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Division. We offer the challenge and opportunity of public service, a professional team environment, and competitive salary and benefits.


DUTIES:  The Tobacco Enforcement Section Forensic Accountant Specialist will conduct an extensive review of archived documents to prepare comprehensive record-supported account statements and an accounting ledger for approximately 100 accounts. Preparation of these record-supported account statements and the ledger must be completed according to a rolling deadline applicable to different accounts, the first of which will fall due in 2024. This work will consist of the physical review of hundreds of boxed archive files onsite. Information found during document review will be extracted and recorded in order to supplement and add to a Record of Accounts, which will include names of account-holder entities and contact details, years of activity, yearly status information such as escrow deposit status, legal compliance and legal action status. The Forensic Accountant Specialist will extract account, deposit, interest and release data from records reviewed to prepare a Ledger detailing all information relating to each account for each active year. This Ledger will serve as the basis for release authorizations to be issued to account-holding banks beginning in 2024. Both the Record of Accounts and the 25 Year Accounts Ledger must be supported by corresponding documentation. This documentation must be located, copied, ordered and assembled into a yearly file for each active account. Any records located detailing legal actions, judgments or settlements relating to escrow-holder entities and accounts will be copied and assembled into files. The Forensic Accountant Specialist will report on any missing, incomplete or erroneous record required to finalize Ledger entries for any account in any year. The Specialist may also assist in research and external communication required in order to obtain missing records for such files. The Forensic Accountant Specialist will work with OAG attorneys, auditors and investigators to coordinate work assignments and may collaborate on preparation of any items described above. The Specialist will communicate clearly and effectively with management to ensure that all Specialist objectives are completed and that any potential obstacles to objective completion are addressed and resolved. The Forensic Accountant Specialist will occasionally communicate with external contacts such as attorneys, account representatives, bank representatives, employees of other state OAG offices and the National Association of Attorneys General. The Forensic Accountant Specialist will be responsible for ensuring that accounts are identified and triaged in order to ensure that complete Ledger entries and supporting documentation are finalized for each active yearly account by its respective 25-year deadline.

This is a restricted position. The expected duration of this position is 1.5 – 3 years. Continued employment is contingent upon the availability of funding.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidate must possess the physical and mental ability and willingness to conduct extensive ongoing physical archive record review. This review work will involve the daily retrieval of multiple archive boxes from our onsite storage rooms, rapid review and noting, copying and documenting of some contents, and returning the box contents and boxes to their original locations. The candidate must possess the physical and mental condition to commit to the timely completion of the project benchmarks as provided. The candidate must have the ability to understand, interpret and extract accurate data from an array of sometimes disorganized or fragmentary records, varying from bank statements to correspondence to industrial or regulatory reports to court and legal documents. The candidate should also have the ability and willingness to plan work effectively in order to ensure project benchmarks are met and ensure that the office meets its 2024 and subsequent year deadlines, and to work independently for the same purpose. Applicant should have experience and demonstrated ability in the preparation of thorough and detailed accounting ledgers and in the preparation of well-organized supporting documentation files. The applicant must demonstrate attention to detail, accuracy and efficiency in the preparation of financial reports and accounting ledgers. The applicant must also possess demonstrably effective and clear professional communication, both verbal and written. The candidate must possess mastery of conventional internet research techniques and Microsoft Office; in particular Microsoft Excel (or other industry standard accounting spreadsheet system), Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook, and the use of common applications such as PDFs and web-based resources. Certified Fraud Examiner certification or CPA licensure are not position requirements but may be well regarded in candidate assessment. Criminal background check will be completed on successful candidate.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in an accredited accounting or financial degree program, or a forensic accounting degree program.

TO APPLY:  Please apply on-line at https://virginiajobs.peopleadmin.com.  Veterans, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other national service alumni are encouraged to apply.  To ensure timely consideration, please submit application materials by Tuesday, May 24, 2022.