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Attorney General of Virginia

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Special (Outside) Counsel

Unless express statutory authority provides otherwise, all legal services for the Commonwealth and its agencies are provided by the Office of Attorney General (“the Office”) (Code of Virginia § 2.2-507). The Attorney General may appoint a private attorney as special counsel if he finds that it is impracticable or uneconomical for the Office to render service (§§ 2.2-507 and 510). Special, or outside, counsel may be appointed for a period of time to provide advice and assistance in a particular area of expertise, to represent a particular entity in a specific matter, or to represent the Commonwealth in a civil matter.


For specialized legal services expected to be recurring or routine, the Office uses Solicitations for Proposals (“SFPs”) to award term appointments to firms that may receive work on an as needed basis. The SFP appointments are usually for a defined period of time, and have no assurance or guarantee as to the volume of work. 


The Office is pleased to present a total of twenty-four (24) SFP offerings for the 2020-2022 term. All qualified providers of legal services are encouraged to apply. The entire process will be administered through RFP360, a web-based procurement platform. For technical questions regarding RFP360, please contact their logistical support at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 1 (844) 737-0365.  You may pose substantive questions regarding the SFPs to the General Counsel, Shawri King-Casey, in RFP360.  Please find below the following SFPs for the 2020-2022 term:


SFP 2020-01 Intellectual Property

SFP 2020-02 Bankruptcy

SFP 2020-03 Debt Collection

SFP 2020-04 Workers’ Compensation

SFP 2020-05 General Civil Litigation

SFP 2020-06 Eminent Domain

SFP 2020-07 DRM Local Government & Constitutional Officers

SFP 2020-08 DRM Medical Malpractice

SFP 2020-09 DRM Automobile Liability

SFP 2020-10 Child Support Enforcement

SFP 2020-11 Department of Medical Assistance Services

SFP 2020-12 Commercial Real Estate

SFP 2020-13 FCC/Communications

SFP 2020-14 Higher Education Bonds

SFP 2020-15 Charitable Trust & Investment

SFP 2020-16 Employment

SFP 2020-17 VRS Domestic Asset Recovery

SFP 2020-18 Cybersecurity & Data Protection

SFP 2020-19 Immigration

SFP 2020-20 University Medical Centers

SFP 2020-21 Public Finance

SFP 2020-22 Transportation Privatization

SFP 2020-23 Commonwealth Transportation Board

SFP 2020-24 Construction Litigation