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Herring and Augusta County Commonwealth's Attorney Bring Charges in Cold Case Homicide

Augusta Co., VA - In 1983, Richard Miller, Jr., an Augusta County citizen, disappeared under very suspicious circumstances.  An extensive investigation was conducted by the Augusta County Sheriff's Department along with other law-enforcement agencies.  However, no trace of Mr. Miller was ever found.  The investigation into the disappearance of Mr. Miller remained open and active for years.  However, eventually it was classified as a cold case.


In 2013, new information  was received by the Augusta County Sheriff's Department and the original investigation was reopened.  Due to the lack of cooperation by some of the witnesses, Augusta County authorities requested the Attorney General's Office to assist in this investigation.    The Honorable Mark R. Herring, Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia, did agree to this request and assigned Phil Figura, Chief Prosecutor in the Attorney General's Office, to assist in the investigation.  Mr. Figura impanelled a multi-jurisdictional  grand jury to investigate Mr. Miller's disappearance  and a number of witnesses have now provided sworn testimony concerning his disappearance. 


Based upon the evidence presented to the multi-jurisdictional grand jury, it decided on May 18, 2015, to return a true bill of indictment charging Charles Almond with the first degree murder of Mr. Richard Miller, Jr.  It is my understanding that Mr. Almond has been arrested and is being held in the Middle River Regional Jail.


The family of Mr. Richard Miller, Jr. has lived with his unsolved disappearance for over thirty years and I personally hope that this will finally give them some closure.


In response to this indictment, Attorney General Mark R. Herring issued the following statement:

"I'm really proud that my team has been able to work with Mr. Ervin to finally bring charges in a case that has troubled Augusta County for more than 30 years.  Cooperation between local law enforcement and the skilled prosecutors in my office pays dividends all across the Commonwealth in gang cases, complex drug cases, or even cold cases and homicides.  My chief prosecutor, Phil Figura, will be working  closely with Mr. Ervin and his team as we pursue justice in this troubling and challenging cold case."