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Attorney General of Virginia

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Commonwealth of Virginia
Office of the Attorney General

Mark Herring
Attorney General

202 North Ninth Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219


For media inquiries only, contact:  
Charlotte Gomer, Press Secretary
Phone: (804)786-1022 
Mobile: (804) 512-2552
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


~ This is Herring’s 15th win in cases that challenged the Commonwealth’s COVID mitigation measures ~

RICHMOND Attorney General Mark R. Herring has again successfully defended Virginia’s COVID safety measures against a legal challenge brought by State Senator Chap Petersen. This is at least the fifteenth decision Attorney General Herring and his team have won in defense of the Commonwealth’s COVID mitigation efforts that were put in place to prevent the spread of the virus and keep Virginians and their families and communities safe and healthy.


“Over the past six months, the Commonwealth’s COVID mitigation efforts have proven to be extremely effective in preventing further spread of the virus and keeping Virginians healthy,” said Attorney General Herring. “As cases continue to surge around the country, it is imperative that we remain vigilant and adhere to these critical safety measures to keep Virginians and their families safe. I’m really proud of my team for all the hard work they have done to keep their fellow Virginians safe and I’m pleased we were again able to defend these important safety measures.”


The Supreme Court of Virginia today denied the petition for mandamus in the Linda Park, et. al., v. Northam lawsuit. The plaintiffs in the case, the owner of a hibachi restaurant in Fredericksburg, Virginia and the owner of an event venue in Loudoun County, sought to cease enforcement of Virginia’s proven-effective COVID safety measures. Last month, Senator Petersen filed a similar case brought in federal court after a motion for preliminary injunction was denied.


This is the fifteenth decision Attorney General Herring and his team has won in defense of Virginia’s COVID mitigation measures, including two cases that explicitly challenged Virginia’s mask requirement, in addition to winning two court cases to protect the vote during the COVID pandemic. 


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