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Attorney General of Virginia

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Commonwealth of Virginia
Office of the Attorney General

Mark Herring
Attorney General

900 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219


For media inquiries only, contact:  
Michael Kelly, Director of Communications
Phone: (804)786-5874 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RICHMOND(June 20, 2014)--Attorney General Mark R. Herring released the following statement after Governor McAuliffe announced that he will explore options to expand healthcare for Virginians:

"After being elected on the promise to expand healthcare to more Virginians, Governor McAuliffe has done the right thing by fighting hard for months to do just that, even in the face of unreasonable opposition in the legislature. The Governor proposed and endorsed several bipartisan compromises that would have closed the coverage gap, giving hundreds of thousands of Virginians access to healthcare, bringing billions of dollars back to Virginia, creating jobs, and producing public safety benefits with expanded access to mental health and addiction treatment. For only political reasons and no substantive policy reasons, a majority of the legislature has rejected every reasonable compromise.


"The Governor today announced he is moving ahead to help people and that's the right thing to do. In the coming weeks, we will see his specific proposals to return federal funds to the Commonwealth to provide critical health care for our people, and we will work closely together to ensure he's able to do that."


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