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Mark Herring
Attorney General

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Attorney General Herring, coalition of fellow state AGs sue Trump administration to protect affordable healthcare for millions of low-income Americans~


RICHMOND (October 13, 2017) - Attorney General Mark R. Herring announced today that he is filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration for its unlawful decision to end "cost-sharing reduction payments" (CSRs) that help millions of low-income Americans afford healthcare. In 2016, approximately 242,000 Virginians purchased plans that included a CSR.

"President Trump's irresponsible decision to end CSR payments is not only devastating to low-income Americans who will see their premiums skyrocket, but it is also illegal, and that's why I'm taking action," said Attorney General Herring. "President Trump is intentionally destabilizing insurance markets and ripping away healthcare from thousands of Virginians, and I won't stand by and allow that to happen. I am committed to protecting Virginians' access to quality, affordable healthcare, and I'm proud to stand with my fellow attorneys general in this fight."

Virginia and the 18 other attorneys general are filing the suit in the Northern District of California challenging President Trump's decision to end the CSR payments. The suit claims, in part:

"The Administration's new refusal to make the required federal payments directly subverts the ACA, and will injure the Plaintiff States, their residents, and the entire healthcare system. The loss of funds and financial uncertainty caused by their actions will lead to higher health insurance costs for consumers and to insurers abandoning the individual health insurance market. The number of uninsured Americans will increase once again, hurting vulnerable individuals and directly burdening the States. The unlawful refusal to make CSR reimbursement payments will also substantially complicate the States' efforts to administer their healthcare markets and in some instances leave consumers with no health plan to access despite their federal entitlements under the ACA."

In August, Attorney General Herring and his fellow state attorneys general intervened in House v. Price to defend the payment of the CSRs, which help millions of Americans afford healthcare.

Joining Attorney General Herring in the suit to defend CSR payments are attorneys general from California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.