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Attorney General of Virginia

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To report a potential instance of patent trolling, you may (1) complete the Online Patent Troll Complaint (below) or (2) download the Patent Troll Complaint and, once completed, return it to the Patent Troll Unit by mail or fax.

Please complete complaint forms as accurately as possible. If you have questions or need assistance completing a complaint, you may email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (804) 786-2071.

Before you begin the Online Patent Troll Complaint, please have any supporting documents ready to upload.

Note: Please do not leave this page before clicking on the "Submit" button. You will lose all progress if you leave this page before submitting your complaint.

Online Patent Troll Complaint

Section 1 - Contact Information
Your Contact Information
Alleged Patent Troll's Contact Information
Section 2 - Complaint

Note: As used in this Section, a "demand letter" is any letter, email, or other communication asserting, alleging, or claiming that you have engaged in patent infringement or that you should obtain a license to a patent in order to avoid litigation.

Section 3 - Additional Documentation

Please click the folder to upload demand letters and other supporting documents. 
Note: To select multiple documents hold down the Crtl key and click each item you wish to select.

Section 4 - Subsequent Actions
Section 5 - Additional Details

In the box below, you may provide additional details that you believe will assist the Patent Troll Unit in evaluating your complaint.

Section 6 - Disclaimers
  • By submitting this Online Patent Troll Complaint, you authorize the Office of the Attorney General and the Patent Troll Unit to evaluate your complaint on the basis of the information provided, to contact you, and to take whatever lawful actions deemed appropriate to resolve your complaint.

  • The Office of the Attorney General shall keep all closed complaints, including evidence, testimony, documents, and other results of investigations, on file until such materials are destroyed in accordance with established procedures for destroying public records. Closed complaints are subject to public disclosure under the provisions of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Va. Code §§ 2.2-3700 to -3714). For this reason, we ask that you do not provide your Social Security Number or any personal financial information not related to your complaint.

  • The Office of the Attorney General is not authorized to provide legal advice or representation to individual businesses or citizens. You acknowledge and understand that submitting this complaint does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the Office of the Attorney General.

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