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Individual Solicitations in RFP365

Intellectual Property SFP 2018-01


Bankruptcy Counsel SFP 2018 – 02


Debt Collection Counsel SFP 2018-03


Workers’ Compensation Commission SFP 2018-04


General Civil Litigation SFP 2018-05


Virginia Department of Transportation Eminent Domain Counsel SFP 2018-06


Division of Risk Management Local Government & Constitutional Officers SFP 2018-07


Medical Malpractice - Division of Risk Management SFP 2018-08


Automobile Liability - Division of Risk Management SFP 2018-09


Division of Child Support Enforcement – SFP 2018-10


Department of Medical Assistance Services - SFP 2018-11


Commercial Real Estate SFP 2018-12


FCC/Communications SFP 2018-13


Higher Education Bonds SFP 2018-14


Charitable Trust & Investment SFP 2018-15


Employment Counsel SFP 2018-16


VRS Asset Recovery Counsel SFP 2018-17


Immigration  SFP 2018-19


University Medical Center  SFP 2018-20


Department of the Treasury SFP 2018-21


Department of Transportation Privatization SFP 2018-22


Commonwealth Transportation Board SFP 2018-23


Virginia Small Business Financing Authority SFP 2018-24


Data Protection and Cybersecurity SFP 2018-18






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2018 Solicitation Information

Welcome to the 2018-2020 Procurement Process for the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia!

Pursuant to the Special Counsel Policy, https://www.oag.state.va.us/our-office/about-the-office/special-outside-counsel, the Office of the Attorney General may employ special counsel after making a determination that it is either impractical or uneconomical to render legal services directly by the Office.

 Occasionally, the Office identifies specialized areas in which continuous legal services are needed for a period of time and procures a roster of qualified counsel to fulfill these recurring legal needs for a specified term of engagement.

 Term appointments focus on routine work where the firm is engaged in specific matters on an as-needed basis.  These appointments are made pursuant to a Solicitation for Proposal (hereinafter referred to as an “SFP”).  The SFPs are for a definitive period and have no assurance or guarantee as to the volume of work.  Traditionally, the Office solicited proposals by posting the SFPs on eVA, the public procurement portal, and receiving those proposals via pdf.

While the Office will continue to post links to individual solicitations on eVA for publication, the Office now requires paperless responses to SFPs through the RFP365 online procurement tool.

 RFP365 is a web-based program that facilitates secured submissions. Law firms shall submit responses to the SFP questions online and are immediately informed about the status of their submission.  If your firm wishes to submit a proposal, it must register with RFP 365. Potential legal vendors will receive support from the RFP365 staff during business hours M-Fri, 8:30-5:00 CST.  Here is an informational link to the RFP website: www.rfp365.com.  Legal vendor firms are still able to access the proposals from eVA or the Office website links; any submissions via email or paper will not be accepted or scored. Technical questions should be directed to the RFP365 staff.   The RFP 365 Staff will be ready to assist all potential submitters to make sure that they meet the submission deadline, August 17, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Submissions received after that date will not be eligible for scoring or consideration. All submission status and notifications to award will be published on the RFP365 site.


Law Firm Help Guide

For assistance in responding to the SFPs, contact RFP 365 directly, M-F 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., (CST) at 1-844-737-0365.  The Office of the Attorney General cannot provide submission assistance. http://help.rfp365.com/knowledgebase/articles/600882-support-phone-number


State Corporation Commission Form

Recently, the Office became aware that some users have had issues downloading the State Corporation Commission form in item 16 of the “Terms and Conditions” section of each of the Solicitations for Proposals. We believe that these difficulties may be caused by the particular browser and/or PC/operating system that individuals are using. (We recommend using FireFox, Safari, or Chrome and do not recommend using Internet Explorer.) In the interest of alleviating this issue, kindly find the link above to the SCC form for your firm’s use and submission. Finally, the staff at RFP365 is responsive to this issue and will send the form to you directly if you continue to experience problems accessing the pdf.  You may contact them at 1-844-737-0365.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in serving the Commonwealth, its agencies, institutions and citizens.










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Contact Information

Office of the Attorney General

202 North Ninth Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219


Get your questions or concerns to the correct representative:

Legal Advice

The Attorney General's Office cannot provide legal advice to private citizens.

Our clients are VA’s state government and its agencies, boards and commissions. If you need the assistance of a private attorney, you should contact the State Bar's Virginia Lawyer Referral Service or VALegalAid.org.

Media and News

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Media/Press Contact - Media Inquiries Only

Scheduling Requests for the Attorney General of Virginia

Scheduling Request form

Opinion Requests

Must be submitted in writing to our office at the address above. The Attorney General is authorized to render official opinions to the state or local officials listed in § 2.2-505 of the Code of VA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

View our FAQs page which includes questions about consumer topics as well as about our office.




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FOIA Requests

Please use the form below to submit a FOIA Request.  If you are unable to run JavaScript in your browser, please email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please be as specific as possible when describing your request.

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Guidelines for OAG Assistance in Procurement and Contracting

The Office of the Attorney General is available to assist client agencies through every step of the process of procuring and administering contracts. This includes but is not limited to contracts for goods, services (both professional and non-professional), information technology, and construction.


Advice can be provided during the initial procurement process, to include:

  • Assistance with preparation of the solicitation, compliance with policies and regulations, and questions arising during evaluations and negotiations
  • Help in drafting key provisions of the contract to mitigate or allocate risk or obtain other objectives
  • Review of the final proposed contract
  • Direction on handling procurement protests
  • Guidance on responding to requests for documents

Advice is also available during the life of the contract, to include:

  • Assistance with contract administration, modifications and renewals
  • Help with claims and disputes
  • Contract close-out issues

In the unlikely event that a procurement protest or contract dispute goes to court, the Office will provide representation to the purchasing agency.


We particularly suggest that agencies seek legal assistance when developing high-risk contracts and when developing or using non-standard provisions. High-risk contracts can be reviewed for legality and substance, as well as an indication of whether the contract is sufficient to achieve the agency’s objectives. Such a review may help in maximizing the Commonwealth’s contract value, while obtaining assistance with non-standard provisions will minimize risk of a conflict with another provision or the risk of inadequately protecting the Commonwealth.


Some contracts (such as certain transfers of real estate) are statutorily required to be approved by the Office as to form. “Approval as to form” means that the contract includes all mandated provisions, and that the contract does not include any terms which would be illegal or beyond the approval authority of state contract officers. Broader services are also available as indicated above, even though the statutory requirement for approval relates only to the form of contract.


To obtain legal assistance, clients should contact their assigned agency counsel within the Office. If an issue is outside agency counsel’s area of expertise, counsel can coordinate with other sections within the Office to gain further expertise, or to obtain outside counsel if that becomes necessary. In most cases, especially in high-risk or complex procurements, it is most effective to include counsel early. The time required for legal review of a proposed contract will vary depending on the complexity and length of the contract, as well as on how involved the attorney has been at earlier stages of developing the contract. Agency counsel can advise on the appropriate time needed to provide review or feedback in specific instances.