Jason S. Miyares
Attorney General of Virginia

Central Virginia Community Outreach Program

Picture of David Malakouti giving a presentation

In October 2016, David Malakouti joined the Office of the Attorney General as their Richmond based, Community Outreach Coordinator for Central Virginia.  David’s region covers 27 counties in our Commonwealth, including the Richmond metro area, Orange, Nelson, Prince George and Mecklenburg. The Central Virginia Community Outreach Coordinator’s role is to provide education and link agencies and individuals with appropriate resources throughout the Attorney General’s Office.  Such matters may include: Prescription drug and heroin abuse issues, gang activity awareness, human sex and labor trafficking awareness, cultural competency educations, forming and providing support for TRIAD groups, computer crimes, domestic violence issues, animal cruelty concerns, and consumer protection.

The Central Virginia Outreach Coordinator works closely with state and local law enforcement agencies, Drug Prevention Councils, the Department of Criminal Justice Services, and many others.  David is available to hold presentations on programs and resources available through the Office of the Attorney General, such as:  Human Trafficking, Financial Fraud Prevention awareness and education, Virginia Rules, Domestic and Dating Violence, Gang Awareness, Identity Theft, Prescription Drug Abuse, Lethality Assessment, and consumer protection to local community organizations, faith groups, service providers, Triad groups, law enforcement community groups, and senior living communities.