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Ex-offenders returning from jail often face a complex transition back into the community. Across the Commonwealth there is a growing movement to provide re-entry services to ex-offenders returning to the community because these programs have been found to reduce recidivism, reduce crime, and save taxpayer dollars. In recent years, Virginia has developed a comprehensive plan to address re-entry and recidivism reduction for state inmates, but locally based correctional facilities are left with little guidance or resources. Due to the autonomy of local jails, there has been no state-led or funded re-entry program, and localities are not eligible to participate in state Department of Corrections’ programs. 

Recognizing this gap in service, Attorney General Mark Herring has created the Commonwealth’s first ever Statewide Re-entry Coordinator position to help local sheriffs prepare inmates for release and connect them with local community stakeholders. The Statewide Re-entry Coordinator assists with the formation of local community councils, re-entry forums, and connecting housing, employment, behavior health and substance abuse services.     

A web portal is under development to aid Sheriffs with their re-entry efforts. This portal will serve as a collection of re-entry data, will include examples of assessment materials, different re-entry strategies for implementation, local community resources and resource kits. 

To e-mail the Re-Entry Coordinator, please click here:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Learn more about our recent 2016 Statewide Jail Re-entry Conference:

Future Directions in Re-entry: Collaboration for Safer Communities


Speaker Bios

Presentation by Jesse Jannetta, Urban Institute

Building a Jail Re-entry System: Implementation Insights from the Transition from Jail to Community Initiative

Presentation by Dr. Faye S. Taxman, George Mason University

RNR: Building Capacity for Reducing Recidivism

Presentation by Rebecca McNees, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

     Peggy Howard, Newport News Sheriff's Office

     Major Mandy Lambert, Prince William - Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center

Implementing and Using Risk and Needs Assessment in Jails

Presentation by Mary Ann Gilmer, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys

     Angela M. Cardwell, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys

     Nathaniel S. Hvizdos, Rappahannock Goodwill Industries, Inc.

The Virginia Goodwill Network: Evidence-Based Re-entry Services Throughout Virginia

Presentation by Mandi Smith Hixenbaugh, MEDIKO, PC

"Cooling a Catastrophe" - Mental Illness in Corrections

Presentation by Dr. Sarah Scarbrough, Richmond City Sheriff's Office

Providing Programming to a Transient Population

Presentation by Sherry Confer, Department of Medical Assistance Services

Governor's Access Plan for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness

Presentation by Dr. Jim May, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Offenders with Substance Use Disorders: Jail-Related Services that Work

Panel Discussion Led by Sheriff Beth Arthur, Arlington Sheriff's Office

     Sheriff Gabe Morgan, Newport News Sheriff's Office

     Major Amanda Trent, Western Virginia Regional Jail

Leadership in Re-entry

Presentation by Hunter Snellings, Virginia Housing Alliance

     Kathy Robertson, Homeless and Special Needs Housing

     Kelly King Horne, Homeward/Greater Richmond Continuum of Care

Homelessness 101

Presentation by Dr. Allison Jackson, Integration Solutions, Inc.

What's Trauma Got to Do with It? Understanding the Impact of Trauma on the Well-Being of Adults

Presentation by Sonya Toney, Virginia Department of Corrections

     DeVon Simmons, Office of the Attorney General

Rejuvenation Your Re-entry Council

Presentation by E. Lee Williams, Division of Child Support Enforcement

     Cherri Sullivan, Division of Child Support Enforcement

     Deidra Bailey, Division of Child Support Enforcement

Division of Child Support Family Engagement Programs