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Gangs in Virginia:  Resources and Information for Citizens of the Commonwealth

‘The Wrong Family’

In 2007, in response to suggestions of local law enforcement who noted the need to raise awareness about gangs, the Office began the production of an anti-gang video made up of interviews and footage shot entirely in Virginia.  “The Wrong Family: Virginia Fights Back Against Gangs”, created with federal grant funds and funds seized by the Office from criminals around the Commonwealth, aimed to prevent kids from joining gangs, and to educate parents, and law enforcement on the ways to monitor and recognize gang involvement.

awareAs the video gained popularity, it was recognized in 2009 for its impact on the community and its excellent production quality with two awards- the Bronze Telly Award for Social Issues and the Communicator Award of Distinction for Social Issues. 

Below is a trailer for “The Wrong Family,” featuring interviews, footage, and images from our Law Enforcement and Community partners around the Commonwealth.

The video proved successful throughout Virginia, and as a result, it became clear that there was a need to reach out to the Spanish speaking population in the Commonwealth.  Throughout 2009, the video was translated, and certain scenes were re-shot with bilingual participants speaking in Spanish. 

To date, over 800 copies on the video have been distributed both statewide, as well as nationally, and has reportedly been shown to over 7,000 people.  The hope is that law enforcement agencies around the Commonwealth will continue to use Wrong Framily Posterthis video to engage communities in a discussion on criminal street gang prevention. 

Click here to request a copy of the video in either English or Spanish.

Because of the nature of the video, and the constrictions set forth by a federal grant, the Office prefers to send the video to law enforcement. However, please feel free to contact law enforcement in your area to request a gang awareness training session in your area.

To complement “The Wrong Family,” the Office of the Attorney General developed a new anti-gang video specifically targeting youth.  “THE BIG LIE, UNMASKING THE TRUTH BEHIND GANGS” is a compelling documentary exposing the lies gangs tell and illustrating healthy lifestyle choices kids can make to avoid them.”  More information coming soon…

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