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National Mortgage Servicing Settlement

For more information on the settlement agreement:

Servicing Standards

For a summary of the servicing standards, click here.  For the full servicing standards, please see Exhibit A of the individual Consent Judgments linked on the National Mortgage Settlement website.  


Basic eligibility criteria for relief under the settlement can be found here. For more information on eligibility, borrowers should contact their mortgage servicer to obtain information about specific loan modification programs and whether they qualify under the terms of this settlement. The toll free numbers for the settling servicers are:

For foreclosure victims who have had multiple changes of address

For Virginians who went through a foreclosure during the period from January 1, 2008, through December 31, 2011, and whose loans were serviced immediately prior to foreclosure by one of the settling servicers, but who are worried that the settlement administrator will not be able to locate them due to multiple changes in address in the intervening period, please click on the "Address Update Form" link above. The attorney general's office will collect your information and forward it to the settlement administrator.

For complaints regarding the National Servicing Settlement

Virginians with evidence or concerns regarding individual servicers' non-compliance with the Settlement may:

(1) put their concerns in writing to the Virginia Attorney General's Office at the following address:

                   Office of the Attorney General
                   Attn: Consumer Protection Section
                   900 East Main Street
                   Richmond, Virginia 23219

(2) notify the Settlement Monitor through the website